Turns, Twists; Lost Things, by Alexandra Seidel

Warm cake awaits within this poem.

Point of Injection, by WC Roberts

A poem about how escapism sucks.

The Tunnel of Teeth, by Colin James

A poem about dental damnation.

Marginalia to Stone Bird, by Rose Lemberg

Rose Lemberg’s elegiac “maze poem” can be read in many ways.

Infrasubstructure, by Diane Boisvert

A poem about unusually dire circumstances.

Fragments, by WC Roberts

This poem deals with forms in space.

The Last Stranger, by Kristine Ong Muslim

After a world tour of genre fiction publications, this pantheon of foreboding juggernauts returns to Labyrinth Inhabitant.

Somnambulis, by Megan Arkenberg

A young woman seeks to discover whether there is such a thing as a world outside of her native land of Somnambulis. Based on the knowledge and experience that I bring to this poem as a reader, I would answer, “probably yes.”

The Fifth Stranger, by Kristine Ong Muslim

The author of more than 500 poems and stories channels Rabelais in this imaginative visit to a grim ribcage colony.

Tangled Legs, by Greg Beatty

The Rhysling Award-winning poet contributes a sonnet that poses the question: Where does the Minotaur get his drawings mounted?