There was only one escape from the dread and terror of the labyrinth subgenre…to destroy Labyrinth Inhabitant Magazine!


An exciting new product, from the people who brought you escapism.

A Labyrinth in Retrospect

Does a quirk of human memory make readers sympathize with labyrinth inhabitants?

A Gauntlet of Genre Conventions: “The Maze Runner”

The Editor’s Notes essay for Issue 8 comes in the form of a review. Many thanks to all this issue’s authors, as well as to everyone else who submitted!

The Era of Talkback

Welcome to Issue 7, now with more features, less combustible servers, and probably fewer emails threatening to de-list Labyrinth Inhabitant from writers’ market sites.

“Minotaur China Shop”: Raised in Captivity

A review of the casual webgame on Blurst.com, and a preview of the stories in this issue.

Preliminary Report of the Late-Career Genre Author Human Rights Investigatory Commission

Roger Ebert has said the problem with obsessive fans is they only ask questions they already know the answers to. But sometimes a fan finds out more than he ever wanted to know…

“They say that after a career of writing about the value of scientific expertise, science fiction authors start wanting to be treated like they have expertise. So they use their ability to invent plausible-sounding nonsense, and they start passing it off as the truth. They start giving orders and, sometimes, they find people willing to listen to them. There are even SFWA members threatening to speak out about L. Ron Hubbard! It would tear the science fiction community apart.”

Causal Domain Shear

What does Neal Stephenson’s Anathem have to do with the stories in this issue of Labyrinth Inhabitant Magazine?

Failure and Success in Biosphere 2

Much like Biosphere 2, Labyrinth Inhabitant Magazine was conceived as a hermetic environment where stories could attempt to survive in isolation, uncontaminated by readers or ad revenue.

The Library in the Labyrinth

Remember that scene in the Da Vinci Code when Tom Hanks really had to get to a library? This is gonna be just like that.